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Growth. Hearing the word growth, people immediately assume a business is referring to profits. We’re not going to say that profit isn’t important, but the big difference at NRE is that profit is the result, NOT the purpose. The growth we are the most concerned with is personal growth.



Our sales associates have the knowledge, so they can better serve their clients



The customized marketing products that we provide for our home buyers and sellers



Additional business opportunities for our associates, such as "Own an Office" and "Revenue Share", so they can build their future.



Regarding our client’s buying and selling experience. When our clients think back on their real estate transaction, they crack a smile because it was the best transaction they could have ever hoped for.



As you can see our focus is on growing the joy of our clients and our associates, which will inevitably grow our bottom line. By creating an amazing buying or selling experience, our clients can’t help but tell their friends and family.


We give our sales associates the best training and tools. They, in turn, are able to get the highest prices for their sellers and are able to find the perfect home for their buyers.

At NRE we focus on growing our family, not just in size, but in quality; clients and agents alike. This means we emphasize our mission, vision, and values as our belief in successful careers and successful transactions which in turn translates into happy clients.


Our Culture:

Nationwide Real Estate Executives is not only a place to work but a place to call home. We're a culture of opportunity, growth, and perpetual success for everyone. The driver in all that we do is our strong Mission, Vision, and Values.


Our Mission:

To be the vehicle of opportunity.


Our Vision:

To be the industry-leading real estate organization, and California’s #1 largest real estate organization in agent count and sales volume.


Our Values:


Faith: Faith both spiritually and in business leading to hope, confidence, and achievement.

Family: Love for our family allows us to never have to work a day in our lives and we always persevere.

Business: Courage and dreams lead to huge opportunities and long-term abundance.

Win-Win-Win:Win-Win-Win: Our virtuous cycle is the heart of our organization.

Integrity: Honesty breeds fulfillment

Reputation: Hard to earn and easy to lose so value it

Constant Improvement: Small incremental improvements lead to massive results over time.

Personal Growth: Always working to become better versions of ourselves

Profit Matters: Funding the goals and dreams of our families.


Win-Win-Win Virtuous Cycle:

The beating heart of our organization.


1. Our associates are empowered with the guidance, encouragement, tools, and support enabling them to build hugely successful businesses.

2. Nationwide Real Estate Executives’ agents deliver outstanding service with absolute integrity. By providing clients with the highest level of service our associates build a positive reputation for themselves and our organization.

3. Our clients reward the outstanding service we deliver with referrals and repeat business. The resulting profit funds the dreams of our associates funds constant organizational improvement and growth and provides opportunities for agents to become owners with our prospering organization.


The NRE Difference:

When an agent decides to join NRE, they aren’t just choosing another real estate firm, they are entering a partnership. In a partnership, BOTH parties bring expertise and a willingness to grow that partnership through their talents and perseverance.


NRE provides the highest level of marketing, training (one on one and classroom), technology, and growth opportunities. We don’t just hire warm bodies, we hire the best. Our agents are a reflection of our organization, if our agents aren’t successful, then we aren’t successful.


Defining Success. In western civilization, success is all too often determined by profit. At NRE, profit is only part of the success equation. If you are making piles of money, but you hate waking up in the morning and your family doesn’t know who you are, then we don’t consider that success. Success is setting goals, financial and personal, and achieving those goals. Then set the bar a little higher the following year.


We are invested in your incremental growth year after year.


At NRE we have a number of programs that help you on this journey.


Executive University will catapult you to the next level of your career

Team Building Academy: When you are ready to grow your business and create a team, NRE will be there to not only support you but to groom and place members on your team to guarantee it’s a success.

Own An Office:

It is what it says. When you are ready to become an NRE owner, we will assist you in all the necessary steps to secure a location, staff your business, and run your new business. Secure a location, staff your business, and even help you run it.

These are just a few of the many opportunities we provide to our NRE family.


Executive University:

Our training programs were built with the belief that anyone can be successful, so long as they have the right training and guidance. That's why we created the best and most effective training platforms in the industry.



From high-end web development to having your personalized brand and marketing agency, Nationwide Real Estate Executives’ in-house marketing team works with you one-on-one to create, tailor and develop a gorgeous marketing suite fully customized to you and your business.


The Nationwide Real Estate Executives system empowers local branding with international awareness. Tap into our industry-leading, proven lead-generation tools and systems, and cutting-edge marketing tools allowing the serious real estate entrepreneur to succeed at the highest level. Comprised of the nation's largest premier network for marketing homes in the United States and throughout the world. We use innovative strategies attracting international home buyers to our listings.


NRE’s all-new myBusiness suite solves two huge problems for the busy real estate entrepreneur.


The days of tracking down passwords on post-its and logging into 8+ systems a day to run your business are over! Exclusively built for associates of Nationwide Real Estate Executives, our all-new myBUSINESS platform is your complete beginning-to-end real estate business solution including a paperless transaction system, fully accessible intranet, document storage, on-line learning platform, a marketing library, business email, and so much more. The myBusiness app is the new standard for the successful real estate agent.



Nationwide Real Estate Executives continues to pave the way for the modern and progressive real estate firm by offering the Own an Office platform. This rare opportunity gives you the ability to grow your business with a long-term focus on building passive income, wealth, and retirement.

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